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Prevent mishaps from the very beginning of your next offsite construction project. When you have questions and don’t know who to turn to, you can turn to the Modcoach Connects directory.

No more hours of searching the web for the right consultant for your project questions and dilemmas. Experienced consultants are able to help you overcome the many obstacles faced in offsite construction.

No matter who you’re looking for, Modcoach Connects has a wide array of consultants who are ready to help. 

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Affordable Housing 


Auxiliary Dwelling Units

Tiny Houses

Park Models


Offsite Construction Clients

Modcoach Connects helps you find the pro you need, find them now, and talk to them directly.

Your free account includes instant access to a directory of experienced consultants ready to help you. No more wading through pages and pages of uncertainty. With our easy-to-use directory of offsite construction consultants, you’re not stuck searching bloated social media platforms or frustrated behind contact limits.

"Being able to connect with consultants that are the most qualified to offer professional guidance to potential modular clients is essential for the growth of the industry. Waypaver International looks forward to the opportunity to being listed on Modcoach Connects."
Roger Lyons
Manufacturing Project Manager

Offsite Construction Professionals

You're found faster because clients come to Modcoach Connects seeking your expertise.

Our free members enjoy an extremely easy process to find and get in touch with you. You pay an affordable monthly fee to be listed, and we don’t charge extra for the leads you receive.

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Jay Abraham
American Executive

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