1.5 million construction consultants and counting…

With off-site construction gaining popularity with builders, developers and investors, there will be a lot of clients looking for off-site consultants to help them achieve success.

But did you know there are more than 1.5 million construction consultants on LinkedIn?

Clients could spend the rest of their lives sifting through them and still not find the right person for their needs.

If you are a consultant, that means your chances of attracting a client that can be helped by you are 1,500,000 to 1.

A new service from Modcoach offers you, the consultant, a great way to get noticed.

Here is what Roger Lyons, a well-respected consultant in the off-site industry has to say about the need for www.modcoachconnects.com.

Dear Gary,

Your decision to add MODCOACH CONNECTS is a great step forward to expanding the modular industry. Being able to connect with consultants that are the most qualified to offer professional guidance to potential modular clients is essential for the growth of the industry.

Waypaver https://www.waypaverintl.com/ has designed and started more than 15 modular factories throughout the world. We look forward to assisting those individual companies who may be interested in starting a modular factory or for those existing companies that may wish to improve their efficiencies.

Gary, this is an important decision that you have taken to expand and grow the modular industry. Thanks for including all of us consultants who also want to help grow this industry.

Roger Lyons, Manufacturing Project Manager

If you are an off-site construction consultant or about to begin putting yourself out there for the first time, you need to set yourself apart from your 1,500,000 competitors and ModcoachConnects https://www.modcoachconnects.com/ could be the perfect place to begin.

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